About Sex

Sex is not just for meeting physical need. It is an emotional experience because the way you fell about each other influences your desires and performance.

Sex is an integral part of marital relationship and discussing how it affects the relationship between you and your spouse, you can discover ways to a make it mutually pleasurable and meaningful experience. However, you shouldn’t be obsessed with the importance of sex such that both of you feel inadequate and unfurled when you do not have sex regularly and enthusiastically.

 Myths about sex in marriage.

  • Sex is everything in marriage.
  • Sexual satisfaction is an indication of marital satisfaction.
  • Sex is procreation.
  • Sex techniques will improve sex life
  • Sexual desire will never change
  • There are universal standards for sexual activity.

Sexual Satisfaction in Marriage.

More than physical closeness, sexual intimacy is an emotional adventure, an exploration and a process of discovery. Sexual needs and experience are unique for every individual. Intimacy is not only experienced physically it come with what you do with each other, the way you talk to each other.

Sex Facts

  1. Sex is something to be learnt: Learn about the physical aspect of sex and how a man and a woman respond to each other sexually. you might want to read about the subject before the wedding night.
  2. You may need to adjust with your partner sexually: Sex is not just something that husband and wife have with each other. It is a part of relationship and one may need time to get used to the other.
  3. Emotion affects your sexual life: Sex is not just for meeting physical needs. It is an emotional experience because the way you feel about each other influences your desires and performance.
  4. Sex requires preparation: If helps to prepare for sex by the way you think of each other. Ensure that you are reasonable, relative and treating each other nicely before having sex.
  5. Your mind affects your sex life: Attitudes and beliefs you have about sex can inhibit or enhance sexual desire.
  6. Flexibility is important: Be open to different ways of having sex. Most importantly, both of you fell comfortable and positive about the experience.
  7. Sex includes being’ other oriented: Think of way to please your partner and satisfy his or her needs.