Wonderful country in a world

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Nepal is the land of last paradise of the earth. Those who know something about Nepal visit at least once in life. This Himalayan destination is not only a panoramic paradise but also a home of the prince of peace. The altitude geographic variation has created the colourful contrasts in this Himalayan kingdom.

One can enjoy different seasonal extremes within short distance. The environment of the mountains of Nepal changes abruptly between ridge and valley, northern and southern aspects. The ecology comprises infinite biodiversities.

Nepal as such in the country of mysterious mountains, majestic monuments and poetic paradise. The nature and culture of Nepal indicate an existence of living laboratory of man and nature in this part of Asia. How the Himalayan life is gaining the height of happiness supported by the time tested philosophy of eternal peace.

The Nepalese life interwined with different fair and festivals, weather and seasons is a great open book to answer every complex questions and queries of life. In fact, Nepal is a garden of different ethnic groups, cultural grandeurs, exporation of nature and culture of any kind completes after reviewing different aspects of the life and land of this heart part of the world.

Without the basic information and knowledge of various nature it is almost impossible to inter into the galaxy of the Himalayan heritage.


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