Tourist Season of Nepal

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Kathmandu. Though broardly speaking Nepal is subject to the mansoon, the climate, temperature and rainfall very in different regions.

The climate ranges from tropical to arctic varying with the altitude 29028 ft. to a little below 1000 ft. above sea-level.

The Tarai region, which falls in the tropical section of the country, has a hot, humid climate.

The mid-land region, which has pockets of valleys, has a warm and soothing climate. The northern region at an altitude above 11000 ft. has an alpine type of climate with a considerably low temperature in winter.


Nepal has four seasons: (a) March-May-Spring; (b) June-August-Summer; (c) September-November-Autumn; (d) December-February-Winter.

The winter season in Nepal is pleasant with warm sunshine pouring out from the deep blue cloudless sky.

The night temperature sometimes drops below zero in December and January. June, July, August are the rainiest months in the year. April, May, June are somewhat hot, but all seasons are tourist seasons in Nepal.

Religion and Culture

The major religions of Nepal are Hinduism and Buddhism. There is a complex blending of Hinduism and Buddhism in Nepal and all the deities are worshipped by Hindus and Buddhists alike. A remarkeble feature of Nepal is the religious homogeneity existing particularly between the Buddist and Hindu communities who, for centuries have cherished mutual regard and respect for one another. The people are extremely religious and observe traditional customs and rities.

The glorious cultural heritage of Nepal is manifested by the diverse social customs and hundreds of festivals which take place almost every day. The exquisite architectural design of the Nepalese pagodas that enshrine colossal bronze and stone image is an individualistic feature of Nepal.

The traditional temples and stupas preserving unique patterns of woodcarving and stone sculpture add glory and grandeur to the artistic and cultural scene of the kingdom.


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